POOL : ROUND 2 Cut Short

Only 3 people showed up for the Feb. 12th Pool Tournament, so unfortunately we have decided to cut Round 2 short, after only 4 tourneys.

We try to be responsive to the wants of our CP clientele, but when there is not enough support for events like this, they cannot be expected to happen. If you want to see more events, you need to make sure you participate in them!

Nevertheless, Chris Proulx managed to come out on top in the final tournament of Round 2, followed by Raymond Lowe.

As you can see in the image, ROUND 2 will take place NEXT TUESDAY (Feb. 26th) evening, and ALL FIRST AND SECOND PLACE FINISHERS from Round 2 are qualified to compete.

Any missing spots may be filled by people who have competed in the past and are present during the tournament.

we will be holding the 2013 CP Pool Championship Matches.

More on that in a subsequent post. Stay tuned.

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